Bluest Eye Vocabs.

1. Extemporized- perform someting without preparation

2. Unabashed- not ashamed or embarrassed

3. Genuflected- to lower one’s body by bending their leg

4. Gelid-extremely cold

5. Inviolable- not capable of being violated or infringed

6. Surfeit- eating until excessively full

7. Epiphany- a devine manifestation

8. Macabre- shockingly repellent

Monthly Reading .

So I am reading this amazing book from Ms. Rami and I can't get enough!
 It's called ' The Absolutely True Diary of 
a Part-Time Indian ' , by Sherman Alexie. At first I was so hesitant
 because I dislike reading;
 especially for no reason. Sound familiar? Of course. 
Any who, now I'm reading it and I can't get enough, unbelievable.
 I would definitely recommend this book. Truly
 we shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Where I’m From

I’m from a place where

Dog eat dog,

Whether their taste or smell.

Paint sun dried with fingerprints,

Kids running around about like

Tree twigs.

Around here men dying

There raise every price for butter and pear

But they didn’t raise everybody’s pay.

When its election time

They all re-arrange.

Emergency we suffering over here.

by: Daniellle Grannell

Lets Go !

Okay, so this AP class should be great indeed we have the best teacher ever !

 Shout Outs to Ms. Rami . Lets make this the best english class

ever by living up to our standard guys. Lets show the world what we’re made of!

 Have a good day!

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